Blogging by firelight….

Sometimes life is hard. Well, today isn’t really one of those days, but it’s a bit more frustrating than others. I live up in the hills, and tonight it was windy. Really windy. Really really windy.

My wife says that when she sees the neighbors trees tilt more than 30 degrees, the power goes out. Tonight she was right. Since we live in a crappy house in a nice place, and we don’t have tons of money, when the power goes out we fire up the wood stoves and hope for the best.

Wood stoves are great! Please, no comments on the wall paper...
Wood stoves are great! Please, no comments on the wall paper…

Tonight, we’re listening to the Giants on the radio, I’m blogging by firelight (no back-up generator, but the cable modem, wireless router and wireless phone are on UPS), and the we’re all huddling in our master bedroom with fire and candlelight. The kids are running around like maniacs playing with flashlights and using me as a jungle-gym.

Actually, it’s a pretty good night. If the kids weren’t up, it would be very romantic!

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