Helping Motoring Alliance, a new Mini Forum, Grow

I’ve been a new Mini Cooper owner since October 2002. For those in the US, this makes me an “old timer” of the New Mini experience.┬áI bought the car at the urging of my wife (I’d been researching the car because of the reports of great handling out of the box… She said “Just get the damned car!” and then added “And get the more powerful one. I don’t want to hear you bitch about it later.” What a perfect wife.) Anyway, that lead me to one of the larger US Mini Cooper forums, North American Motoring. I’ve spent a lot of time there and many of you probably know me from my posts there (I post there as Dr Obnxs). Anyway, while NAM is still the largest of the Mini forums in the US, it’s lost some of that early adventurous spirit that made it really fun early on. Also, the founder sold it to Internet Brands. IB owns tons of automotive forums, so rates went up for vendors, and cross selling across the forums grew. Heck! Yesterday the Mormon church had a banner add with some real time chat posted in it about converting from Judaism! I’m all for religious freedom, but if I wanted to learn about the Church of Latter Day Saints, I sure wouldn’t be going to a Mini Cooper forum! Such is the nature of the beast as these things go mainstream.

Well, one of the former administrators and the original found of NAM have started a new gig, called Motoring Alliance.┬áNathan Freedenberg is a good guy whom I’ve known for a while through my Mini involvements. While the site is new, it’s focused and hasn’t been diluted yet with adds for the New Chevy Malibu or financial planners. Not only that, but Nathan’s real job with Drive Thru Online that makes add-ins for vBulletin, so the site is feature rich and a very good experience.

Right now the membership is very enthusiastic and growing. Lots of us “old timers” of the Mini world are there (and yes, I’m Dr Obnxs there too), so even though membership numbers are lower than some other sites, the level of expertise is high and questions get answered quickly and accurately. No need to worry that anything will be missed when compared to the other sites. But you can be sure that the Mini message isn’t diluted by tons of other crap.

I’m helping the site grow as best I can, it’s still got the organic feel of a true grass roots effort. Come on by and join the party!

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3 thoughts on “Helping Motoring Alliance, a new Mini Forum, Grow”

  1. Matt

    I always enjoy reading your comments and they have really helped me learn more about our 06 MCS. I have recently become a member of Motoring Alliance and appreciate their fresh unadulterated format. In my quest to learn more about the Mini, I will continue to gladly visit your blog and Motoring Alliance. Thanks you for your excellent contribution to the Mini community.


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