Stupid Car Magazine Editors!

I get a lot of car magazines. In part, cause I’m interested in cars, in part, because I get some really good deals because I’m an automotive journalist (yeah, right)! Anyway, I’ve noticed a trend… Most of the car mags have had some editorial diatribe against the current government involvement in cars. What total hypocracy!

First off, without a lot of our taxpayer dollars, GM would be gone. Toast. Dead. Belly up. Liquidators would be hacking up what was left, like vultures on a carcas, buying IP and brands at a very large discount, and throwing the rest down the crapper. Same for Chrysler.

These editors also ignore the fact that the auto industry is one of the most subsidized out there! Car companies didn’t build the roads! Eisenhower used taxpayer dollars to create the national highway system that we all take for granted! We spend tons of tax dollars securing shipping lanes so that oil can flow freely to fuel our cars.

With all this support, both direct and indirect, I really wonder why more of the editorial pieces aren’t less about “keep your hands off my car” and more about “let us help shape the car industry of the future!”

I’ve got a 65 Mustang convertable. It’s got a ~92 EFI 5.0 Ford V8 in it now, and going from the carb to the fuel injection got MORE POWER and almost double the gas mileage! My 2002 Mini Cooper S has more power per liter than pretty much any engine that’s ever been put in a Corvette (more than 100 HP per liter) . This is all because of computer controlled fuel injection. Guess what. Adoption of EFI was driven by emissions regulations that couldn’t be met with carborators and non-electronic engine controls.

So Automotive Editor Luddites (you know who you are), get with the program! Embrace change and shape the future you want! Don’t just sit there and bitch.

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3 thoughts on “Stupid Car Magazine Editors!”

  1. I like all the innovative car products that are taking an evolutionary step in design. Many from small alternative startups rather than the same industry players.
    Fast, cool looking, with low energy usage from diverse sources…also with enough computer power to land on Mars. Why wouldn’t I want that? The only thing I would miss about the Internal Cumbustion Engine has to be the sweet sound of a perfectly tuned setup. So my future car is going to need downloadable Rev-tones….Gentlemen! Start your engines…and recording equipment!

  2. While I do agree, there are many things automotive related dynamics which are subsidized, I am a firm believer in the free market and getting a return for my dollar….in these examples I do see a return in my tax dollars. I use the roads and bridges, and we have petrolium products for everything from clothes to gasoline. But my friend, we will NEVER see a return on these “Bail Out Bills “…..

    This bail out was supposed to be a “loan” of sorts to GM, based upon future profits. Yet it will be a loan that can and will NEVER be repaid. All the math for this paticular bail out was not completed by the revenue experts until after the golden parachutes were handed out. Now as it turns out, this country’s taxpayers will never see a return…..

    Sucessfull businesses are just that because they DON’T take economic lessons from the losers (ie) USSR.

    My 2 cents. They got it right.

  3. Well, GM is certainly doing better than it was, Chrysler, that one remains to be seen. The assumption that the loans won’t be paid back is very pessimistic, and while possible, isn’t written in stone. Another thing that you’re forgetting is that if the two companies had gone belly up, we, the taxpayer, would have been on the hook for a hell of a lot of unemployment payments and probably some pension payouts.

    One other thing that is true: While both GM and Chrysler would have had a hard time and surely would have shrunk in market share, what pushed them to the brink (and beyond) of bankrupcy wan’t really thier cars, but was the screw up of the greedy bank boys (and girls). The credit crunch hit many, many industries hard, and GM and Chrysler were only two of scores of companies that got government (not just our government) help, many of which we all viewed as healthy enterprises.

    We’ll see where this ends up, but I prefere the loan to at least give them a chance to survive vs just letting them die like fish out of water.

    Thanks for the comments! Keep them coming!

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