So who is Dr Obnxs?

When I was in college at UCSD, my girlfriend (Sheryl Johnson) gave me a shirt that said “Mr Obnoxious” on it for Valentines Day. Every one who knew me though it was perfect, except my Mom, who though it reflected badly on my upbringing. I still have the shirt in fact (though it doesn’t fit).

Way later than I care to admit, I had my PhD oral at Stanford. Sheryl and I weren’t dating any more, but she was in the area taking some classes a Berkeley. Anyway, she didn’t attend my oral, but when I left the conference room where I gave my presentation (on combining the techniques of scanning tunneling mircoscopy, core and surface level photo-emission and surface EXAFS to get a complete picture of sub-monolayer coverages of antimony on silicon, if anyone cares), there she was, with a new shirt. This one said “Dr Obnoxious”!

Being in physics, I know who started the web (and it wasn’t Al Gore!), and the physics community has been using networks for longer than most realize. Anyway, I’d been mattr on pretty much every bullitin board and the like forever, but with the rapid growth that came with AOL and other gateways, mattr wasn’t available on most new services! So that’s when I started using Dr Obnxs. It also fits on the CA licence plate!

It’s pretty unique, so I use that handle lots of places. If you see it out there, there is a good chance it’s me.

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