Hi there! My name is Matt Richter. I’ve been active on a few internet forums and do some automotive journalism, but my interests are much wider. Since nothing I was currently doing really fit my full range of interests, I decided to start a blog.

A bit about me: I live in Woodside, California. While the town itself (south of San Francisco a bit west of Stanford University) is somewhat upscale, my house was well described by the inspector who said “Sale price should reflect land value only!” I live up in the hills is my bit of a dump with my wife Cheryl, and two wonderful girsl, Alison (just shy of 5) and Jenny (2 and a half).

I’m the son of a physicist, and my education is in physics as well (a BA from UCSD in Physics, and a PhD from Stanford in Applied Physics). But life paths aren’t always what you think they will be, and while I did start my carreer developing lots of instrumentation, I then went on to become a semiconductor fabrication manufacturing process troubleshooter. There I met my now business partner Guenter Sifnatsch. But before we formed our business, I quite my job and had a lot of time on my hands.

I had bought a new Mini Cooper S in 2002, and spent some of my free time posting on some Mini forums. This lead to meeting Gary Anderson, then editor of MC Squared Magazine, and he hired me as Technical Editor of the magazine. My automotive journalism career was launched! (On a side note, while this is fun and has some perks, it’s far from lucrative.) It’s prgressing a bit, now I’m the Media Guide chair for the Western Automotive Journalists.

About a year after I quit work, Guenter and I formed FES LLC. Our first products are automotive, aimed at the Mini Cooper market and sold under the FES Auto name. We also do some industrial network connectivity stuff (mostly CAN network based) and engineering services for hire.

But my interests are more broad. Being a physicist, I’m interested in energy issues, new technology, energy policy as well as things automotive. Also, for car stuff, I’m a car guy who has a Mini, and I find that a lot of the Mini world is about Mini owners who love thier cars, but guys like me who are interested in cars and happen to have a Mini are in the minority. So this blog will let me have an outlet for some of my more diverse interestes and opionions.

Thanks for stopping by. Please leave comments to the posts. I always enjoy a lively, informed debate!

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